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These links are provided to help Martial Arts Instructors, Students, and anyone interested in the Martial Arts find thier way around the World Wide Web. Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement or any other business or financial relationship.


Affiliated Martial Arts Promoters Association
Afro-Brazilean Martial Arts
All India Budokan Karate Federation
Amateur Pankration League
American Independent Karate Inst. Of American
American Karate Association (AKA)
American Kenpo International
American Martial Arts Assoc. for the Deaf
American Martial Arts Institute
American Open Martial Arts
ASKL Ratings
Assembly of Fighting Arts Chamption Tournament Rat
Bay Area Sport Karate Association
Black Warrior Martial Arts Organization
British Budokan Association
Bulgarian Federation Traditional Karate
California Youth Karate Club,Inc.
Dragon Force National Karate Team
European Budokai-do Federation
Goju-Shorei Systems
Gold Cup Circuit Tournaments
Golden State Karate Association
Huard`s Sport Karate Team
Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation
International Budokari-Do Federation
International Federation of Mixed Martial Arts
International Japanese Style Karate
International Karate Association
International Karate Org. Kyokushinkaikan
International Sports Karate Association
International SungJa-Do Association
InternationalTae Kwon Do Association
Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai
Japanese style MA Assn.
Japanese Style Martial Arts
Kan Zen Kei Karate
KICK International
Koba-Rhy Organization
Kodomo Bugeri Kai
Koreja Do Chriatian Martial Arts
KRANE Rating International
Krav Mega Liven International
Kuro Bushi Martial Arts
Law Enforcement Martial Arts Federation
Lee Chuan Gung Fu Association
Martial Artist Foundation
Midwest Association of Sport Karate
Midwest Martial Arts Southern Conference
National Blackbelt League
National Hapkido Alliance
National Karate & Kobudo Federation
Neko-Do Systems
Nepal Budokai-do Assocation
New Born Kings League
Ninja Ninja
Noe Karate
North American Jiu-jitsu Tournaments
North American Sports Karate Association
Okinawa International Karate & Kobudo Australia
Okinawan Karate-Do Union
Order of Combat
Osterreichischer Karatebred
Pa Kua Chang Kung Fu
Professional Martial Arts Alliance
Ronin Shotokan Karate of America
Sandoval KarateKabudo Federation
School of the Colored Dragon
Shoto Budo Martial Arts
Stephen Leacock Collegiate Inst.
Tae Kwon Do America
Tang Soo Do Karate Assocation
Team PKD
Tokoshi Martial Arts Federation
Uechi-Ryu International Federation
Unified Martial Arts Network
United Martial Arts Referees Association
United States Karate
United States Karate Alliance
United States Korean Martials Arts Federation
Universal Martial Arts Assocation
Whipping Willow Organization
WKA - Austria
WKA - Denmark
WKA - Germany
World Congress of Amateur Athletes
World Jeet Kune Do Federation
World Karate Assocation
World Karate Union
World Karate Union Hall of Fame
World Karate Union Hall of Fame & Ratings System
World Kickboxing Association
World Kobudo
World Martial Arts College
World Mutao Federation
World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes
World Speed Brick Breaking Association
Worldwide Alliance of Martial Artists
Yellow Rose Wing Chun Association
Yu Ko Ryu Martial Arts

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