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Karate Tournament Central offers two types of listings: BASIC & FULL.
As always, Basic Listings are FREE and includes: Event Name, Date, Location (City/Sate), Contact Name, Contact Phone Number and/or Contact Email Address.
If you wish to reference your tournament website or a school website, that has information on your event, you'll need to upgrade to a Full Listing.
Karate Tournament Central is the largest and most complete Tournament Listing Service on the Internet. It is run by Martial Artists for Martial Artists, and has thousands of visitors per week. We have no affiliation with any sanctioning body and do not promote one organization over another.
Full Listings are priced as follows:

  1 Month(s) - Full Listing * $27.00   --------  
  2 Month(s) - Full Listing * $54.00   --------  
  3 Month(s) - Full Listing $78.00   3.7%  
  6 Month(s) - Full Listing $140.00   13.5%  
  1 Year (12 Months) - Full Listing $250.00   22.8%  

Full Listing Prices are the same regardless of whether we host your full brochure or you already have a website for your event. Think of the Full Listing Fee as the cost of running an ad in a major martial arts magazine with hundred of thousands of subscribers. (Which is exactly what you're doing, except that Karate Tournament Central cost a lot less.) We simple include the scanning and posting of brochures at no additional charge for subscriptions longer than 2 months.

Subscriptions marked with an asterisk (*) are available to promoters who already have a website. Want a 1 or 2 month subscription and don't have a website - Not A Problem! We will scan and post your brochure for a one-time fee of $15.00


Online Registration w/TRAM (Tournament Registration And Management) ¹

Building your own interactive website that processes pre-registrations and accepts credit card payments is very expensive. By selecting this option you save all the headaches associated with getting your online registration application up and running, PLUS you gain a Powerful Event Management System. Click Here for More Details on How TRAM Online Registration Works.
  • Competitors complete the Registration Form completely online.
  • Competitors can pay using VISA or MasterCard.
  • Once payment is confirmed, competitors receive a printed registration form to confirm payment at the event.
  • All you pay is a one-time setup fee of $50, plus 5.0% of total registration fees.
  • You receive an email each time a competitor registers and pays, plus forms are available online.
  • Each week, you receive a distribution check for the previous weeks registrations.
¹ TRAM Registration is Not available without a Full Listing. These options may be added at any time, but once added, they must run concurrent with the listing and cannot be discontinued without discontinuing the associated listing.

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